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Gifted & Talented Program Events

2023 Camp Launch: 6th and 7th Grade Student Nominees

College of William & Mary, July 16-29, 2023

2023 Summer Residency Governor's School (SRGS): 10th and 11th Grade Student Nominees

SRGS Participating Universities
University Program  Dates 
VA Tech Agriculture (AG) June 25-July 22, 2023 (2PM)
Radford Humanities (HUM) June 25-July 22, 2023  (1PM)
University of Lynchburg Math, Science, and Technology (MST) July 2 - July 29, 2023 (2PM)
Christopher Newport University JLAB Mentorship Engineering & VA Institute of Marine Science Mentorship June 25 -July 22, 2023 (3PM)
Radford Visual and Performing Arts (Nominations Closed 11- 22) June 25- July 22, 2023 (2PM)


SRGS Time Frame:  Applications Are Open Online
Time Frame Description

January 13 (evening) and 14, 2023

Statewide adjudication at The Governor’s School for the Arts, Norfolk. VPA (Visual Performing Arts) Nominees sent to the State

January 27, 2023

Summer Residential Governor’s School Nominations online application will open through SSWS.

February 2, 2023

Statewide VPA adjudication scores distributed to school divisions

February 15, 2023

School deadline to submit completed applications to the division's Gifted & Talented Coordinator and the selection committee.

February 21,  2023

Division selection processes take place. Students not selected will be notified of their status by the selection committee.

February 24, 2023

School divisions' nominee submission process deadline for the gifted education coordinator to: 1) enter the nominee information on the VDOE SSWS Web site; 2) mail original applications and the original cover page of the verification report electronically signed by the division superintendent to the VDOE.

March-April 2023

VDOE's selection process takes place.

Mid-April 2023

The Gifted Coordinators receive a list of students and their status. The next week, the VDOE's notification through emails are sent directly to the student’s indicating status of their application.


Applications & Resource Materials

Please note that each program has a unique application. Please down load the application and save it with your last name, first Initial, and focus area. (ex. Doe, J. 

             SRGS Applications be found on the VDOE Website


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