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SPACE Staffing, SY 2023-2024

Staff Name School Locations
Kimberly Bailey Henry L. Marsh III Elementary and J.H. Blackwell Elementary
Steve Beckett Dogwood Middle, Thomas C. Boushall Middle, and Albert Hill Middle
Brooke Cosans Barack Obama Elementary and Bellevue Elementary
Janet Hanson Westover Hills Elementary and Woodville Elementary
Sandra Hayward-Jones Henderson Middle, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle, Franklin Military Academy
Emily Hooker Linwood Holton Elementary and Francis McClenney Elementary
Mary Ann Hunter Elizabeth D. Redd Elementary and Swansboro Elementary
Machelle Johnson Broad Rock Elementary and Overby-Sheppard Elementary
Natilie Messick Chimborazo Elementary and Oak Grove Elementary
Lynn Pleveich Norrell Elementary, Suite 118
Amanda Reisner J.L. Francis Elementary and George W. Carver Elementary
Kerry Schaefer G.H. Reid Elementary and J.B. Fisher Elementary
Corinne Tilley Southampton Elementary and Miles J. Jones Elementary
Patricia Woodberry William Fox Elementary, Cardinal Elementary, and Fairfield Court Elementary
Leigh Young Mary Munford Elementary and Lois-Harrison Jones Elementary