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History & Social Science

The vision of the Richmond Public Schools' History and Social Science Department is to facilitate a process of learning which allows students to become responsible, engaged citizens who positively impact and find success in an ever-changing global society. 

The mission of the Richmond Public Schools' History and Social Science Department is to offer curriculum and instruction which will enable students to become lifelong learners. Through the study of history and the social sciences (e.g., economics, sociology, psychology, human geography) students can better understand how the past, present and future are connected.

Focus Areas

Through critical analysis and responsive action, the History and Social Science department is developing the capacity of our students, teachers and the school community in three primary focus areas: curriculum, assessment, and teacher leadership.  


We reassess and restructure curriculum to include the feedback and experiences of teachers  from the previous school year.

Performance Assessments

We are building capacity for usage, calibration, and success of students with Performance Assessments.

Teacher Leadership

We are committed to develop teacher leadership in history/social science by recruiting and training teachers.

Course Offerings

RPS offers a range of core, Honors, AP and IB classes, in the areas of Applied Studies History and Social Science, World History & Geography, African American Studies, Sociology, Virginia & U.S. History and Government. Through historical investigation and analysis, students will:

  • learn about their city, state and nation to establish a sense of community.
  • have the opportunity to pursue meaningful civic activities which will enhance their lives and knowledge.
  • gain understanding of how to be successful in a global job market and economy through instruction based in real-world application.
  • develop citizenship through participation and hands-on experiences.
  • be exposed to other cultures and appreciate the country’s cultural diversity.
  • be provided with quality educational experiences to enable them to handle life's challenges and lead productive lives.

Contact Info

History and Social Science
301 North Ninth Street
12th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

Ma'asehyahu Isra-Ul, Ed.S.
K-12 Instructional Specialist
Phone: 804.780.7765