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World Languages

The instructional vision of Richmond Public Schools’ World Languages is to develop target language proficiency and intercultural competence. Students will achieve language proficiency in all three modes of communication: interpersonal, interpretive and presentational, and cultivate enhanced cultural understanding and increased global perspective.

Focus Areas

The RPS World Language department is developing the capacity of our students, teachers and the school community through our commitment to best practice instruction. We are committed to fostering growth in three primary focus areas: proficiency-based learning, Integrated Performance Assessment, and professional learning. 

Integrated Performance Assessments

We collaborate with Academic Architects to design Integrated Performance Assessments for our newly revised curriculum and standards.

Proficiency-Based Learning

We are enhancing instructional practices and capacity in Elementary Spanish teachers to support proficiency-based learning in the FLES/WLES classroom.

Professional Learning

We support the RPS Literacy Plan with Professional Learning on strategies for reading and writing in the target language.

Proficiency-Based Learning in Action

Course Offerings

RPS offers Spanish, French, Japanese, and American Sign Language.

Special Programs include:

  • Foreign Language in Elementary School 
  • Advanced Placement: AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP Spanish Literature and Culture
  • International Baccalaureate (Chimborazo Elementary School, Lucille Brown Middle School, Thomas Jefferson High School)
  • Spanish for Fluent Speakers
  • Seal of Biliteracy for all eligible Juniors and Seniors

Contact Information

Victoria Ingroff Garren

Specialist, K-12 World Language and Secondary English Language Arts

Department of Curriculum & Instruction
301 North Ninth Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: (804) 592-9603
Fax: (804) 648-6075

Bernadette Cruse

WLES Virtual Teacher/Support