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The RPS Mathematics Department enables ALL students to move into the twenty-first century with the mathematical skills, understanding, and aptitude that they will need to be successful in their careers and daily lives with confidence.

Program Overview

Mathematics courses include (but are not limited to): Pre-K-7, Pre-Algebra, Integrated Mathematics I and II, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II w/Trigonometry, Computer Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, Statistics, Calculus, AP Calculus and AP Statistics.


Problem solving is the central focus of mathematics education, therefore an attitude of persistence must be developed in our students so they can solve the complex problems, which are common.

  • Students will be taught reasoning strategies to make, test, and evaluate mathematical statements and to justify steps in mathematical procedures.
  • Students will have frequent opportunities to apply their mathematical skills in real life situations.
  • Students will develop a strong personal confidence in their ability to do mathematics.

Eureka for Virginia

Intensified Algebra

Intensified Algebra, from Agile Mind, is a comprehensive, double-period course designed to help students who are 1 to 3 years behind in mathematics re-engage as motivated learners and succeed in Algebra I within a single academic year.  Social and Emotional learning concepts are also explicitly taught in key lessons and referenced throughout the program. The intervention arms teachers and learners with a cohesive, integrated resources for struggling students, including:

  • A challenging but well-scaffolded curriculum

  • Protocols to optimize additional instructional time

  • Strategies to build students’ engagement, confidence, and commitment to learning

  • Job-embedded professional services for teachers - support so powerful that 90% of teachers say the experience has positively influenced how they teach mathematics (Inverness Research, Inc. External Evaluation Brief, 2015)

The goal of the Intensified program is to prepare students to engage in the subsequent grade-level math course upon course completion.

Rigorous and Aligned Curriculum/Resources

Our focus is to ensure that students are provided equitable access to rigorous, hands-on, and engaging, Virginia-aligned mathematics curriculum and accompanying resources. Our curriculum supports students as they grapple with understanding mathematical ideas and relationships. This productive struggle to make sense of mathematical problems allows students to apply their learning to new more complicated math problems.

 K-12 Vertical Articulation

Our third focus is to establish a path for vertical articulation of mathematics across grade levels, grade bands, and courses to ensure students meet success as they matriculate from elementary to middle, from middle to high, and from high school to post-secondary education or the workforce.

High-quality Instruction & Professional Learning

We strive to provide opportunities for all students to experience high-quality instruction delivered utilizing high-yield strategies and best practices supported through continuous professional learning. Embodying a Growth Mindset, students will build procedural fluency from conceptual understanding.

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    Contact Information

    301 North Ninth Street
    12th Floor
    Richmond, VA 23219

    Cassandra Bell,
    K-12 Mathematics Coordinator  
    Phone: 804.698.3606
    ext. 1232
    Fax: 804.648.6075 

    Linda Tarry
    Instructional Specialist, Secondary Math

    Nate Potter
    Instructional Specialist, Elementary Math

    Natalie Waller
    Instructional Specialist, Elementary Math and Science


    Mathematics Professional Learning

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