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Response to Intervention

Our mission is to integrate a structure that ensures equitable access to high-quality interventions for all students. The Response to Intervention (RTI) framework exists to ensure that schools will not wait until students fall far enough behind to qualify for special education to provide them with the help they need. Instead, schools should provide targeted and systematic interventions to all students as soon as students demonstrate the need.

The components of the RTI framework include:

Response to intervention graph


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Contact Info

Susanna Hogan
Early Reading Intervention Instructional Specialist

Jessica Sarkees
Elementary Reading Intervention Instructional Specialist, Dyslexia Advisor

Cierra Scott
Secondary Reading Intervention Instructional Specialist

Pamela Randolph
Secondary Mathematics Intervention Instructional Specialist

Ro Stark
Elementary Mathematics Intervention Instructional Specialist

Kristin McKinney
K-12 Intervention Systems Specialist