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Newcomer Academy

Program Description/Goals

The Newcomer Academy addresses the particular cultural, social- emotional, and linguistic needs of our newly arrived ELs. Newcomer ELs will receive excellent instruction that will not only allow students to earn credits to meet the criteria needed to graduate with the Advanced Diploma, but also to acquire English language skills and literacy at an accelerated rate, improve literacy in their native language, and learn academic language within core contexts. Through wrap-around services, newly arrived ELs and their families will receive trauma-informed care from a bilingual school counselor, college and career services through our Academy coordinator, and specialized outreach efforts through our bilingual parent liaison. Our Newcomer Academy teachers and staff embody what it means to #teachwithlove #servewithlove and #leadwithlove. 

Instructional Delivery

Students will receive social-emotional learning, language, and academic support through a bilingual and culturally relevant lens. Services and support will be offered by dually-endorsed content teachers, bilingual EL teachers, and support personnel including an academy coordinator, a bilingual school counselor, and a bilingual parent liaison. 


Characteristics of an ideal student:

Newly arrived, immigrant students, ages 14-17, who have been in the country for 12 months or less are eligible for the academy

Newly arrived, immigrant students who enrolled in the 8th grade in the United States during any point in the second semester are eligible for enrollment into the academy 

Students age 14-17 enrolling in US schools for the first time without any transcripts or without proof of educational history will be eligible for the academy

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Lily Mirjahangiri
Newcomer Specialist