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2023-2024 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to re-enroll my child if he/she is a current preschool student?
Current preschool families that qualify for the 2023-2024 school year will receive an “intent to return form” to re-enroll. Please contact your preschool for more infomation.

Is my child eligible for preschool?

  • The child must live in the City of Richmond

  • The child must be 3 or 4 years old by September 30, 2023

  • Eligibility is determined based on the family’s income and at-risk factors 

A completed online application is required to initiate the preschool enrollment process. 

When would I know if my child was accepted?
Preschool enrollment opens March 1, 2023. The sooner you complete your online application and provide all the necessary documents, the sooner you will receive a response form the program.

Is there any cost for preschool?
Preschool is free and includes breakfast and lunch for all students.

When does preschool start?
RPS Preschool starts August 21, 2023

Where will my child attend school?
Students are enrolled in their zoned preschool classrooms. If your zone school is full at the time of enrollment, the student will be placed at the next available/closest location. 

Does preschool provide transportation?
RPS preschool provides transportation to students attending their zoned school.

Do I need to buy school supplies?
RPS Preschool will provide students with all the materials needed (books, journals, pencils, crayons, playdough, scissors, etc.).  

Can my child with disabilities attend preschool?
Parents/guardians of children with special needs are encouraged to apply.