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THRIVE High School

THRIVE High School

A tier three support that targets overage and under-credited high school students.  Students have a full day from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  that consists of two sessions between THRIVE and Richmond Technical Center (RTC).  Half of the day is spent in academic sessions for credit attainment on Edgenuity and the other half of the day is spent taking Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses with opportunities to earn industry certifications.  The CTE courses also serve as electives for graduation credit.  Students complete all coursework on a 4x4 schedule.

THRIVE Student Profile 

Overage high school students that require tier 3 supports.

Under-credited high school students (has earned a minimum of 8-10 credits and needs an additional 10-12 credits to graduate.)

Administrator/School Counselor confirms that the student possesses the academic skill set needed to work independently and function effectively in an online learning platform in an alternative setting. 

*The overall goal is for students to have the opportunity to maximize their academic ability by being offered the option to take additional credits each semester (up to 6 credits).  The ideal student requires enrollment in THRIVE in order to make an attempt to catch up to their original graduation cohort and the student cannot achieve this goal in the comprehensive high school (being offered only 4 credits per semester).   This is a tier three program, therefore, the RTI process must be implemented and maximized in the comprehensive school through documented interventions, supports and outcomes prior to being referred to the program. 

*The program is not the correct setting for students who have chronic attendance or disciplinary concerns*

Staff: 7 Content Teachers, 1 Exceptional Education Teacher, 1 Office Associate, 1 School Counselor, 1 Administrator



THRIVE Program Structure 

  • Admission in sync with the RTC enrollment period by a referral from HS Counselor or HS Administrator. 

  • Students arrive at THRIVE by way of home address. 

  • Full day schedule required (flexible schedule is not available, AM or PM session, that was offered in the previous programs). 

  • Students are scheduled in required courses through Edgenuity.

  • Students will take at least four classes per semester. 

  • Teachers support students and serve as the licensed teacher of record for core classes in Edgenuity.

  • Students are required to take CTE courses. They can only be scheduled in CTE courses if they are enrolled prior to the RTC CTE semester course enrollment deadline.  Students enrolled after the RTC semester deadline are not permitted to be enrolled in RTC courses, therefore, they do not have access to CTE courses during that semester. They will be enrolled in RTC courses the following semester.

*Students do not have access to all CTE courses being offered. They are given access to CTE courses that they have the ability to earn a potential certification in based on the outlined projected timeline  to complete the THRIVE program.

Students must complete 100% of the course online in Edgenuity and earn a passing grade in order to receive credit for the course. This must be achieved on the 4x4 schedule deadline. 

*Despite when students are enrolled, students must meet the requirements above for the courses that they are enrolled in by the last day of the semester that they were enrolled in the courses.  Those who do not meet the requirement will not earn the credit for the course(s).

  • Students work online independently with access to a licensed teacher for academic support. 

    • The program is teacher facilitated. Teachers monitor student progress online and provide reteaching, one on one, and remediation support.

    • Teachers provide encouragement and motivation for students to complete coursework within the required timelines. 

  • Core curriculum: online standards-aligned digital content and curriculum, providing learning options (initial credit or credit recovery) for students.

  • Credit recovery: online courses for students who need to retake courses that were failed previously  with pretesting options.  

  • Limited access/offerings to electives in Edgenuity (while in the program, students rely on the opportunity to take RTC courses in order to earn elective credits needed). Edgenuity electives do not mirror the electives offered in the comprehensive high schools.  

  • There is a target date, based on the 4x4 schedule, to complete all courses each semester. The program is not self paced as in previous programs. 

Graduation Opportunities: February (mid year), June and July (summer).


Contact Info

Dr. Javan Jefferson
Assistant Principal
(804) 584-3166
THRIVE High School