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Virginia Treatment Center for Children

Program Description

State Operated Programs (SOP) is a division within the Virginia Department of Education that has been given the responsibility to educate children in state-supported juvenile detention centers, mental health facilities and children’s hospitals in Virginia. SOP operates over 30 individual education centers across the state of Virginia and employs over 300 staff and certified educators. 

The education program at the Virginia Treatment Center for Children serves school-aged patients admitted to the 32 bed acute mental health facility. All children are under the age of 18 and derive from various school districts across the state of Virginia. The patients’ length of stay is typically 5-7 days (with a facility goal of 6.1 average length of stay). The VTCC Education Program works closely with patients’ home school districts to maintain their academic schedules and follow their Individualized Education Plans and/or 504 Plans (if applicable). All teachers are state certified in either general and/or special education in the areas of elementary and secondary education. 


  • VTCC Education Program follows the RPS academic calendar
  • 11 month Teacher Contracts (August 1st – June 30th) 
  • Enrichment Program (Mid-June and August)

Instructional Delivery

Direct and indirect instruction in a multi-grade classroom setting focusing on both academic growth and character education

Characteristics of an ideal student:

  • School-aged patients who are in need of acute mental health support
  • Students who have experienced trauma


Contact Info

Jonnee` L. Hunter,
Ed.S., Principal  
(804) 628-2661