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School Counseling Services

We prepare professional school counselors to promote the academic and career success for all students.
In partnership with the community, the counseling program ensures access to an academically challenging environment where students will realize and meet their potential.

Program Overview

The school counselors of Richmond Public Schools believe that: 

  • Each student has dignity and worth regardless of their individual differences.
  • All students have the ability to meet their academic potential and become career and/or college ready by graduation.

  • Each student’s differences and special needs are considered in the planning, implementation and delivery of the comprehensive school counseling program. 

  • School counselors must be collaborators with and advocates for the students and families that they serve, helping to ensure access to an academically challenging learning environment that inspires and engages all students.

  • Student achievement is enhanced by participation in a comprehensive school counseling program.

  • All students have access to a (full-time, state certified, Master’s degree level) professional school counselor.

  • Data is necessary to continually evaluate and implement the most successful and appropriate interventions for the students in our schools.

  • Adherence to the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors allows staff to make decisions based on best school counseling practices.  

Graduation Requirements

Career Preparation

College Preparation

There are many ways for a student to prepare for college. Click the buttons below to access College Prep resources.

College Prep Steps   Financial Aid & Scholarships   Additional Scholarship Links

Pursuant to section 23.1-204 of the Code of Virginia, post secondary education and employment data published by the State Council of Higher Education on its website is available to all high school students and their parents/caregivers HERE

Contact Information

School Counseling Services
2020 Westwood Avenue
Richmond, VA 23230 

Candace Veney-Chaplin,  Manager                        Phone: 804-592-9603      Email

Navasha Bullock,              Office Associate            Phone: 804-780-7751       Email

Tonette Craig,
Elementary School Counselor Specialist                Phone: 804-592-9603       Email

Tess Short
Secondary School Counselor Specialist                Phone: 804-592-9603

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