Admission Process

  • In order to apply for a Richmond Public Schools (RPS) specialty program, interested students must complete an online application for admission. Applications are completed online and may be accessed from the RPS Webpage. Most programs, including Richmond Community High School (RCHS), have limited availability.

    Admission to RCHS is open to all City residents. The faculty actively seeks to enroll students from all RPS middle and private schools. A special effort is made to recruit the disadvantage student, not only those identified as gifted but also those whose potential may not have been recognized.  Student ambassadors and the school counselor often participate in recruitment trips to middle schools to explain, encourage, and demystify the program.  More than 300 students, including home-schooled and those from many area private schools, compete annually for the limited number of spaces in each incoming (9th grade) class. RCHS also accepts a limited number of tenth graders to fill the seats of those ninth graders that may not remain at the school.

    All applicants for admission must submit an application and complete testing in mathematics, reading and writing and a short interview. Interviews and testing are typically held in mid-February and notices of admission status are emailed to applicants by March 15th. The window to submit an application to RCHS typically is open from mid-October to late November. Applications are available on the RPS website and should be submitted electronically.

    School Selection Announcements

    Applicant Evaluation: February 15 – March 10

    Applicants to RCHS who meet entrance criterion and submit a complete application are evaluated and admission decisions are made. 

    Initial Notification: Week of March 10 – 15

    ·         Current RPS students and parents will receive an email notification of admission status.

    ·         Non-RPS applicants (charter, private, parochial and new students), will receive an email notification of admission status. The email will be sent to

    the email address provided on the student’s application for admission.

    Student Response

    All applicants who receive one or more offers of admission (not wait list or decline decisions) to a RPS specialty school MUST confirm his or her acceptance of the approval and intent to attend a single school by March 24th. 

    ·         Current RPS students and parents and Non-RPS applicants (charter, private, parochial and new students), may reply to the email indicating their decision to accept or decline the offer for admission

    ·         Additional instructions and details will be in the email notification.

    Approvals from Wait lists

    When seats become available at RCHS, they will be filled by students on the school's wait list.  The wait list will be ranked in numerical order and the Registration Gateway system will automatically send an email notifying the student that he/she has been offered admission to RCHS for the coming school year. The student must reply to the email to confirm acceptance of the offer for admission. Failure to reply within ten (10) school days will result in the next student on the wait list being offered the seat.

    PLEASE NOTE – It is against FERPA Regulations to discuss student specific information over the telephone.  Unfortunately, the RCHS staff will not be able to share student specific school selection application decisions with callers on the telephone.