About Open

  • Who we are as a school is a reflection of the outcomes we expect from our students.  During the 2015-2016 school year a group of teachers came together to define the most prized dispositions expected of all members of our community.  These dispositions enhance our school’s mission statement and embody the ideal Open High School staff member and student.     

    Two Richmond City high schools have been ranked among America’s best, according to U.S. News & World Report. Richmond Community and Open high schools received silver and bronze medals, respectively, in the ranking conducted by School Evaluation Services, a K-12 data research and analysis business operated by Standard & Poor’s. More than 18,500 schools located in 40 states were analyzed according to how well students performed on state tests, how well each school’s disadvantaged students performed and whether the school was successful in providing college-level coursework. 


    The mission of Open High School, the school without walls, is to develop responsible, creative, independent, college and career ready students who value intellectual inquiry, compassion, and social responsibility in a global society by leading students to pursue challenging academic goals, participate in shared decision-making, and form partnerships with the community.


    Developing positive and informed global citizens who are engaged participants, working to make the world a better place.


    1. Perseverance
      Persistence and Resilience. The willingness to work through difficult tasks or situations. The ability to remain whole through adversity.
    2. Intellectual Curiosity
      The desire to explore topics further. A questioning mind.
    3. Interpersonal Skills
      The ability to work well with others. A sense of open-mindedness. Strong listening skills.
    4. Community Engagement
      A participatory nature. Commitment to OHS community values such as volunteerism, class and town meeting attendance. A willingness to give back.
    5. Self-Advocacy
      A person who can ask for what they need. The ability to speak up for one’s needs and desires.
    6. Creativity
      Original expression of any kind. The ability to think “outside the box” to dream of better or different ways of being and doing.
    7. Organization
      The ability to create systems that ensure the completion of tasks in a timely manner. Organization includes punctuality, time management and study skills.
    8. Self-Reflection
      The ability to recognize personal strengths and weaknesses and to create goals for improvement based on an honest understanding of self.
    9. Articulation
      An effective communicator. A person who thinks before they speak, then speaks clearly and confidently.
    10. Responsibility
      The display of self-governing behaviors. Accountability to systems and ideas that define individuals, our school, our school division, our community and our nation.