• The Special Program for Academic and Creative Excellence (SPACE) began in 1979. Students were first identified in grades four and five and in 1981 the program expanded to include the elementary grades of second and third. Today SPACE classes are held in all of our elementary and middle schools. SPACE teachers identify students for this gifted program at the end of grade one or the beginning of grade two. Teachers work with identified students, at the elementary level, once a week for two to two and a half hours. Currently we have ten elementary SPACE teachers who serve students in all of the city elementary schools. In our middle schools identifies students may take the SPACE class during their elective period. Students in the SPACE program are identified using the following assessment tools: teacher recommendation(s), parent inventory, an ability measure, an achievement measure, and a creativity measure

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Mind Games

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    Students in grades 2-5 can have the opportunity to participate in a fun and intellectually challenging academic competition! Students work with teacher-coaches twice a week to prepare for a district wide competition!


  • String instruction is available to all fourth and fifth grade students! Instruments taught are: violin, viola and cello.  Because we have only a very small inventory at school, students must rent or purchase their own instrument to practice at home. Students bring their instruments to school on the days they have string class.

    String class meets twice per week for 45 minutes.  Students learn to play a variety of music in the method book Essential Elements, as well as sheet music distributed by the teacher.

    At least two performances occur throughout the school year.  Students who  advance significantly have the opportunity to audition for All City Orchestra and Elementary Orchestra Festival.


  • Band is available to students in 4th and 5th grade. Students choose a particular instrument to learn. Performances are given throughout the year.