Attendance Procedures

  • Every Day Counts: School Matters! 

    Make every effort to be present every day.

    Student Absences

    • A student must submit a written excuse with the signature of their parent/guardian to the attendance office within five (5) days of the student returning to school. 
    • An e-mail or faxed note containing a parent/guardian phone number for verification will also be accepted. 
    • Absences for which the student fails to submit a written excuse with the parent/guardian signature within five (5) days of returning to school will be counted as unexcused. Any e-mail or faxed note without a parent/guardian phone number will also be recorded as unexcused. 

    Tardiness to School

    Students arriving tardy to school after 9:15 a.m. who do not have a written note from a parent/guardian must report directly to the main office.  The parent/guardian will sign in and receive a “Tardy Pass”.  The “Tardy Pass” is the only documentation that teachers should accept after 9:15 a.m. Students arriving tardy will only be able to gain access to the building through the main entrance through the office. This will prevent students from avoiding the sign-in procedure.

    Early Dismissal from School

    When being excused from school after the student has arrived on campus, the student should present a written request signed by a parent/guardian to his/her teacher which is then turned into the attendance clerk. All requests for early dismissal from school must include the reason for the check-out, the time of the dismissal, parent name and signature and a phone number for parental verification. Phone calls will not be accepted for early release.