• Career Pathways: 

    Engineering and Technology 

    Therapeutic Services  (Sports Medicine, Emergency Medical Services, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dental Careers)

    Academy Goals and Description: The Governor’s Career and Technical Academy for STEM in Richmond offers Richmond Public School students a rigorous academic and technical program of study in two career pathways (Engineering and Technology and Therapeutic Services). Courses emphasize in-depth understanding, connect new ideas to prior knowledge, encourage exploration, and help students construct meaning from course content.

    The pathways are a combination of academic and technical study that integrates classroom and real-world learning.  Hands-on project-based instruction is used in middle, summer and high school program components. Academy coursework, teacher professional development, academic support, career and college development activities, along with parent and community involvement create a STEM community of learners.

    The Academy raises student aspirations and attracts more students to postsecondary education in preparation for technical careers, especially targeting students who might otherwise have settled for a curriculum that did not prepare them well for postsecondary education or work.

    Highlights of the Academy:

    • The Academy program prepares students for a full range of postsecondary opportunities (two- and four-year colleges), formal employment training, apprenticeships, the military, and high-skill, high-wage, high-demand employment.
    • Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curriculum is integrated into the Academy’s Engineering and Technology pathway program of studies. PLTW empowers students to develop and apply in-demand, transportable skills by exploring real-world challenges. Through our pathways in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science, students not only learn technical skills, but also learn to solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate, and collaborate. We also provide teachers with the training, resources, and support they need to engage students in real-world learning.
    • The Therapeutic Services pathway provides instruction that focuses on Emergency Medical Services, Nursing, Pharmacy, and introduction to Sports Medicine. Additional health related pathways will be considered for development and expansion of the Academy.