Overview of the Governor's Academy


    The RPS Governor’s CTE Academy for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in Richmond offers a specialized curriculum for highlySTEM Logo interested and motivated students. Applicants declare a choice between two career pathways: Engineering & Technology or Therapeutic Services. To be successful in either of these academically challenging programs, a student must be a consistent, dedicated learner. Applicants are required to uphold the following commitments:

    1. Follow the rules of the school, as outlined in the Richmond Public Schools Student Handbook.

    2. Actively participate in each class by being prepared, listening attentively, offering relevant comments, posing insightful questions, taking notes, and engaging in any other activities necessary to meet the expectations set forth for each class.

    3. Submit quality work in a timely fashion, seeking additional assistance from instructors as needed.

    4. Manifest the highest degree of academic integrity.

    5. Maintain an excellent attendance record, scheduling appointments or vacations at times that do not conflict with classes.

    6. Remain in the program unless recommended for dismissal. Recommendation for continuance or removal from the program will be determined by student progress, attitude, and motivation. 

    Minimum Admission Requirements

    ●  The student must be a rising 9th grader and a Richmond City resident.

    ●  Minimum GPA of 2.0

    ●  400+ Math and Science SOL

    ●  Completion of career interest assessment

    ●  Successful completion of Algebra I and Earth Science recommended

    ●  Interview by a selection panel and timely submission of a completed application packet. The packet will include teacher recommendations and an essay of approximately 250-300 words that describe the student's reasons for choosing his or her career pathway: engineering & technology or therapeutic services. Compositions should be original, insightful, creative, and grammatically correct.

    The next application period for admission will begin in December 2019 for the school year 2020-2021. Information regarding entry and deadlines, as well as the application packet itself, will appear on this webpage. For questions, contact Ms. Sharon McClendon, Professional School Counselor, Richmond Technical Center, at 804-780-6237 or smcclend@rvaschools.net