Volunteering at Amelia

  • Amelia Street School welcomes volunteers!  Opportunities include, but are not limited to: reading with students, school beautification, assisting with special projects, assisting with special events … ideas are welcome!  Please ask about upcoming events. 

    All staff and volunteers must adhere to the RPS protocol outlined below:

    1. Richmond Public Schools has a formal process through the Office of Community Partnerships (804) 819-4382 for the management of volunteers.  The volunteer application is available on the RPS website.  
    2. The Volunteer/School Partnership Coordinator for Amelia Street School is Mrs. Latoya Smith, School Counselor.  Contact info:  lsmith8@rvaschools.net; (804)780-6275.
    3. Applications should be completed and submitted at least three days prior to becoming involved with the school.  School administration will approve or deny applications, and may refuse an applicant’s admittance to the school building or school grounds.  
    4. Approved volunteers will be supervised at all times by an assigned staff person.


    We look forward to the many gifts and talents that each volunteer has to offer to our students and school community!