Dual Enrollment Courses

  • The Richmond Technical Center coordinates dual enrollment courses through J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College (JSRCC).  Students receive both high school and college credits for each designated dual enrollment course.  The courses vary each school year and Richmond Public Schools pays the tuition for all courses. 

    Students register for dual enrollment courses at the beginning of each school year and attend dual enrollment classes at the Richmond Technical Center during their regularly scheduled times.  

    Students interested in enrolling in a dual enrollment course must complete the following J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College (JSRCC) requirements:

    1. Complete the JSRCC online Application For Admission and provide your new JRSCC ID# (Emp ID#) to the Richmond Technical Center school counselor.
    2. Complete and submit to RTC the Application For In-State Tuition with parent signature.
    3. Complete and submit to RTC the Dual Enrollment Course Request Form with appropriate signatures.
    4. Take the applicable JSRCC Virginia Placement Tests (VPT) or meet alternate eligibility criteria, such as GPA or SOL/SAT/PSAT scores.  This is used to determine readiness for college coursework.
    5. All paperwork must be submitted to the school counselor by stated deadlines to be admitted into the Dual Enrollment Program.
    6. RTC will request a copy of the student’s transcript to complete the application packet.

    Questions or concerns should be directed to the RTC school counselor Sharon McLendon at (804) 780-6237.

    Download/Print the Student Checklist

Dual Enrollment Program Descriptions