School Counseling Overview

  • The Professional School Counselors at Blackwell Elementary work with students from grades K-5.  Students are assigned to a counselor according to their grade:  The counseling program emphasizes the areas of Academic Achievement and Personal and Social Development as a student.   It is our goal to help students to succeed each dayWe also ensure that curricula and programs address the developmental and educational needs of students. Some of these tasks include:

    • Counseling with students individually and in small groups for specifically identified personal and academic needs.
    • Consulting with parents, school staff, other pupil personnel specialists and community agency personnel to help student experiencing problems.
    • Assisting students and parents in making appropriate educational plans for middle school.

     In addition to their counseling duties, we lead school clubs, coordinate student leadership opportunities, and find ways to create and maintain a welcoming environment for students, families, and our staff.

     April 3-7, 2017 is College and Career Week. 

    This is a time that our school counselors set aside to discuss with students the importance of preparing for college and thinking about their future careers. Teachers support this initiative by sharing information about the colleges and universities that they have attended and their experiences. Please see the attached files for more information about our College & Career Week activities and the Career Project due April 21st.