School Supply Information

  • Due to COVD and the uncertainty of school opening, we will not be collecting any fees in the fall.  Parents will provide needed school supplies this year, but we suggest everyone wait until we know what school opening will look like before shopping.   We will provide basic school supplies in the classrooms for all children (Pencils, paper, notebooks).  


    In grades K - 5,  we are offering a package of school supplies for the entire year for a one time $30 fee. This will allow us to ensure that all children have the same materials and that there is consistency in the quality of the school supplies.   Teachers will purchase supplies (in bulk) and your child's supplies needed for class will be on his or her desk on the first day of school.  Teachers will replace items as needed.   Parents will need to purchase a backpack or book bag (no wheels please).  A calculator in grades 3 - 5 is optional but handy. Parents will also need to purchase school supplies for use at home.  We strongly encourage parents to pay this supply fee and allow the teachers to provide all needed classroom materials. 

    This fee is a GREAT deal for parents and reduces waste. It is the "green" thing to do. Parents don't have to drive all over Richmond to find school supplies and store all the things at home until the students needs it at school.   The average national cost of school supplies is about $95.00,   and we provide it all for $30.   The Times-Dispatch recently ran an article about the cost of school supplies and randomly picked a school in the area and looked at the school supply cost...It ranged from around $40.00 at the dollar store (often poor quality) to $100 at an office supply company.    

    If parents elect to provide the school supplies, please keep in mind that when the teacher distributes paper,  notebooks, pencils, etc, your child will not be included and will be expected to keep (and maintain) all their supplies in their locker or desk.   If parents decided to purchase school supplies, we have supply lists in the school office.  Keep in mind that these supplies will have to be replaced during the school year as students run out of use of the materials.  They easily go through two or more pencils each week!