Band, Strings, Harp & Recorder

  • Recorder:  Grades 3 students will learn to play the Soprano Recorder.  It is taught by our music teacher, Mrs. Diane Bacon.  Our Recorder program is not just a stepping stone into a band instrument, it is an instrument that has its own place in music history and pedagogy.

    Many great composers have written music for recorder including Bach, Bernstein, Cage, Gluck, Handel, Poulenc, Purcell, Telemann, Vaughan Williams, and Vivaldi.  Our instructional program teaches students to read standard music notation as well as to play with good intonation.  Our repertoire will include folk tunes, popular music and multicultural songs.  Recorder students will perform at least one program during the school year. 

    Band, Strings and Harp:  Students in grades 4 and 5 are eligible to participate in these programs.   Students do not have to have any prior experience.  The band program meets during the school day and students receive instruction twice a week. Practice is required. Students must purchase or rent instruments  (except for harp) and they must bring the instrument to school on the day of their band instruction and keep it at home for practice on all other days.  Students receive individual or small group lessons and full group rehearsals. 

    Students receive 1 - 2  lessons per week.  During lesson and rehearsals students receive instruction on the following areas:

    Instrument Performance Skills

    • Posture 
    • Instrument Position 
    • Hand Position 
    • Breath Control 
    • Tone Quality 
    • Fingerings/Positions 
    • Rhythm 
    • Pitch

    Reading and Notating Music

    • Note Names 
    • Rhythms 
    • Vocabulary/Musical Terms

    Lifelong Skills in Relation to Music

    • Rehearsal Attendance 
    • Lesson Attendance 
    • Cooperation/Participation/Self-Discipline 
    • Preparation/Practice 
    • Care of Instrument