• Parents may register for kindergarten beginning April 1 of the year the student will start school.  Children must be 5 by September 30 to register for kindergarten.  There is a regional registration day in April, but parents can register children for school any time after April 1.  We encourage parents to register early.  Registration is both onine and in person.   Parents log into the registration site and create an account, then complete the registration information.  Parents can upload documents into the system including birth certificate, medical records and proof of residency (but uploads are not required).  Once the online process is complete, parents still must come to the school and complete a one page registration form  and present the birth certificate, parent identification and other required documents to the school staff. We will make copies of all the required documents.  We have computers at school if parents do not have access to the internet at home.  The link to the registration site is:  


    Registration Link

    To use the site, you must create a log in and make sure you click "pre-register" to start the process....

    For students transferring from other schools into K - 5, parents can come and register as soon as they have established residency in the district. Please come to the school office for registration after school has started.   Students will start school the day after the registration has been completed.  We encourage parents who are moving into the district to arrange for a school visit before the child begins school so they can see the school and classrooms before starting. 

    The following documents are need for Registration

    • Two (2) proofs of residency (must include a deed or lease and one other item such as a driver’s license or utility bill) 
    • Original birth certificate
    • Immunization records (This may be a part of the school Entrance Health Form.)
    • School Entrance Health Form (this should be submitted before the first day of school) 
    • If there are child custody issues, we need a certified copy of any court order establishing custody or guardianship (court time/date stamp and signed by judge)
    • Current IEP if a child is receiving special education services such as speech. 
    • Copy of a 504 plan if one exists
    • Recent Report Card for students entering grades 1 - 5)
    • Photo ID of the parent or guardian who is registering the student.