A Partnership Between Parents, Students and School



    WHEREAS, Open High School is a community based school dedicated to the educational, emotional and social growth of its students, and WHEREAS, Open High is dedicated to the development of shared partnerships within its community, and WHEREAS the students, parents, staff and community are major participants in achieving the objectives of Open High,


    I understand that education is a team effort and I agree to the following guidelines as an expression of my commitment. In doing so, I will commit to maintaining a strong, positive environment for learning and for growth.



    PROGRAM: I agree to attend and actively participate in all Family, Town, Class Meetings and Thursday classes. I will also complete a Capstone Project and participate in other school-related activities. I understand that these activities are instrumental in creating a strong environment of student engagement.



    BEHAVIOR: I agree to follow the Richmond Public Schools’ Student Code of Responsible Ethics, the Open High Honor Code, and be a respectful member of the Open High Community. I promise to stand up to bullying and be a positive advocate for myself and others.



    ATTENDANCE: I agree to meet Richmond City Public School’s attendance policies and will attend each class regularly and on time, as I understand this promotes learning and fairness.


    VOLUNTEER & COMMUNITY SERVICE: I agree that I will perform a minimum of 30 volunteer hours for each year I am in attendance at Open High School and participate fully in any school sanctioned community service projects, as I understand these speak to what we value as a school and a community.



    ACADEMICS: I agree that I will work hard academically, meeting the objectives for each class and will work with the expectation of graduating with an Advanced Studies Diploma. I will abstain from any dishonesty in my academic work, including plagiarism, cheating, or misrepresentation of my work. I will follow the steps of any academic sanctions given to me, attend tutoring if I am struggling and be committed to completing my own work with the highest honor and effort.



    WHEREAS, the students of Open High school are called to demonstrate respect, integrity, and fairness. I will respect others’ opinions, space, and personal property at all times. By signing this I also am demonstrating my commitment to the Open High Dispositions: Perseverance, Intellectual Curiosity, Interpersonal Skills, Community Engagement, Self-Advocacy, Creativity, Organization, Self-Reflection, Articulation, and Responsibility.