• Richmond Public Schools Resiliency Partnership

    The Richmond Public Schools (RPS) Resiliency Partnership is a collaborative trauma-informed network within the Armstrong High School Pyramid. It increases resiliency in RPS staff, students, and their families through trauma-informed care practices. The Partnership is comprised of three components:


    Education and support for families to increase protective factors, build resiliency, and strengthen relationships between caregivers, children, and schools. Establishment of Circle of Parents, a parent-led support group which is open for student's parents and caregivers to attend.


    For select students, the Partnership provides individual, group, and family therapeutic services by a licensed mental health clinician. Clinicians address trauma, loss, or other mental health concerns on-site. Making services available within schools helps alleviate some of the barriers families face, such as supervision and transportation.


    The Partnership provides training and technical support to teachers, staff, and administration in trauma-informed care competencies, strategies, and tools to support school staff in creating a strengths-based, relationship-focused learning environment.

    About the Richmond Public
    Schools Resiliency Partnership

    In 2016, RPS asked ChildSavers and Greater Richmond SCAN to help address social and emotional challenges students experience in the Armstrong High School Pyramid.

    Together, we launched the Richmond Resiliency Public Schools Partnership with seed funding from the Robins Foundation, creating a trauma-informed network inside our East End schools. Teachers, staff, and administration receive education and ongoing support to ensure they’re able to address the needs of their students. Students build skills for coping, positive self-expression, and resiliency.

    This project has already begun with all three components in Martin Luther King, Jr. preschool, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, and Woodville Elementary School. We have also begun professional development in Bellevue Elementary, Fairfield Elementary, George Mason Elementary, and Overby Sheppard Elementary. It is the Partnership's goal for all 700 RPS employees and 4,500 students in the Armstrong High School Pyramid to change their outlook on life as we build our community’s first trauma-informed schools. We cannot do this work alone. We are grateful to RPS and their staff for welcoming the Partnership into the schools and to our funders.


    For more information, contact the Project Coordinator, Margo Buchanan, LCSW at
    mbuchanan@grscan.com or the Program Supervisor Bob Nickles, LCSW at bnickles@childsavers.org.


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