• FROM OUR "SCORE" HANDBOOK - Student Code of Responsible Ethics Handbook



    The dress code should serve to support all students to develop a body positive self-image, and a successful educational environment.  Any school dress code enforment actions should minimize the potential loss of education time.  Administration and enforcement of the dress code will be consistent across the student body, regardless of actual or perceived gender indentity or sexual orientation, gender expression, race, ethnicity and body size and/or type.  Escept in cases where schools require uniforms, schools may not enact policies with more restrictive or less restrictive dress codes.

    A student's attire and appearance should not be indecent or, cause, health and/or safety problems in the educational environment.


    • Tops and bottoms, or the equivalent (dresses, etc.)
    • Shoes (sandals are permissible, but appropriate athletic shoes must be worn in PE class and additional caution should be taken by students at recess.) **The School board of the city of Richmond and/or Richmond Public Schools is not responsible for any injuries that may accur due to students who wear improper shoes.
    • Clothing that covers genitalis, buttocks and nipples with opaque materials


    • Clothing with commerical or athletic slogans
    • Fited pants (yoga pants, leggings and skinny jeans)
    • Ripped jeans without underwear exposed
    • Students wearing clothing that does not match the students' perceived gender is not a violation


    • Visible underwear or bathing suites of similar designs
    • Clothing using images or language depicting drug use, alcohol, any illegal activities, threats, or discriminatory slogans
    • Clothing that includes hate speech, profanity or pornography
    • Images and/or language that creates a hostile or intimidating educational environment based on identity or class
    • Hats, caps, scarves, sweatbands, bandanas, facemasks, or head covers inside a school building except a.) when worn because of religious beliefs, b.) when worn as a matter of health or safety, c.) when worn in connection with a school-sponsored program


    School administration should minimize loss of class time, and refrain from calling a parent/guardian unless notification is needed to bring students appropriate clothing.  Otherwise, school administration should notify parents of the dress code violation after the school day has ended.  No student should be measured, shamed or made to change clothing in front of a class for what they are wearing.


    • 1st Offense: - Warning with opportunity to change clothes to correct dress code violation;
    • 2nd Offense -  Administrative after-school detention or Saturday detention
    • 3rd Offense - One (1) day in-school suspension

    ** Continued infractions will result in additional consequences.


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