Department Overview

  • The Department of Budget annually produces a General Operating Budget and a Capital Improvement Plan for the Richmond Public School District. Additionally, Budget works with the Finance Department in producing the Annual Superintendent's Report and a number of other required annual reports for submission to the Virginia Department of Education.

    MissionBudget & Planning

    The Department of Budget has the primary responsibility to serve as stewards of public funds and to develop sound fiscal management practices to effectively and efficiently allocate and use resources to meet the operating and capital needs of the school district. The department supports the fiscal condition of the school district through consistent and appropriate application of daily budget controls and functions to maximize student achievement. The department provides budgetary assistance to the offices and schools in budget formulation and management.

    The department is also responsible for ensuring that the school district adheres to the standards of state and local governmental accounting and reporting. This will result in useful financial information that will inform the public as to the overall fiscal condition of the school district through audited financial statements, monthly financial reporting and reporting to various local, state and federal agencies. The department is committed to excellence in all aspects of day-to-day operations to support the district’s educational and financial goals.

Contact Information

  • Lynn Bragga Pic

    Lynn Bragga
    Exec. Director Budget/Finance

    301 North Ninth Street
    17th Floor
    Richmond, VA 23219
    Phone: 804.780.7657
    Fax: 804.780.5401