Department Overview

  • check The Department of Procurement & Property Management consists of a Director of Procurement and Property Management, one (1) Procurement Officer III, one (1) Procurement Officer II, and two (2) Purchasing Officers I whose responsibilities include the procurement of all materials, equipment, supplies, IT, construction and services necessary for efficient operation of the school system, and an Administrative Office Associate who performs administrative support tasks for the Director of Procurement and Property Management as required. The major duties of the Department are to develop andhandshake coordinate a complete centralized purchasing and distribution program for schools and departments of Richmond Public Schools; to formulate the basic policies and procedures to be use in exercising procurement functions; and to administer the School Board's and State's and Federal surplus property program. Please take the time to visit the various links at this site. 

    The Department of Procurement will provide efficient and timely services to both schools and various Departments within Richmond Public Schools. This will be accomplished by the following actions:

    • Procure all goods, services, equipment, IT and construction in accordance with School Board policies and state mandates. 
    • Maintain a computerized asset tracking system.
    • Verify instructional materials ordered by schools for compliance with requirements by the State Department of Education.
    • Process all requisitions expeditiously.
    • Provide reports as required by state and federal governments.
    • Maintain a distribution system to support the requirements of all schools/departments and city agencies.
    • Establish and maintain term contracts for all goods and services as required.
    • Process purchase orders by location for instructional materials.
    • Ensure compliance with school Board policies to solicit minority vendor participation in construction contracts.


    The Purchasing staff is certified through the Institute for Supply Management, (ISM) American Purchasing Society, Virginia Institute of Procurement and Universal Public Purchasing Certification Council.


    Procurement and Controls received National Re-Accreditation through the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing in August of 2016.

Contact Information

    2395 Hermitage Road, Vatex Bldg.
    Richmond, VA 23220
    Phone: 804.780.6110 
    Fax: 804.780.6151 

    Central Receiving: 804.780.6168 
    Property Management: 804.780.6297