Department Overview

  • Vision

    We are committed to creating learning and work environments that are safe and hazard-free.

    Risk Management Overview 

    The Risk Management Department is responsible for the overall administration of the Richmond Public Schools’ Risk Management Program and any other insurance matters, such as:

    Risk Management Overview

    • Directs and oversees planning, development and administration of all insurance claims activities of the district  
    • Directs and oversees the planning and management of the district’s workers’ compensation program
    • Maintains and manages the district’s various liability and property policies
    • Manages the coordination of providing information to claimants, district personnel, adjusters, insurance companies and attorneys
    • Directs and manages the coordination of information related to claims data and records, provides reports on the analysis of loss data and makes recommendations regarding loss control and prevention initiatives
    • Coordinates the acquisition and payment of various insurance policies
    • Coordinates and conducts district-wide Risk Management training sessions as needed 

    Risk Management is defined as the practice of analyzing loss exposure and taking steps to minimize the financial impact of the risks. There are direct and indirect costs associated with losses, such as the following:

    • Employees who allege they are injured, time spent talking about injury, watching accident/loss pre-injury or its aftermath
    • Loss or destruction of property/equipment
    • Additional staffing needs
    • Decreased productivity
    • Uninsured medical costs (not covered by workers’ compensation insurance)
    • Time spent correcting a situation
    • Litigation costs associated with injuries in the workplace

    Because of these costs, it is imperative that the Richmond Public Schools (RPS) continues to think safety at all times.

    We recognize that the employees of RPS are our most valuable resource. Therefore, we safeguard our employees through training, providing appropriate work surroundings, and by implementing procedures that foster protection of health and safety. Safety is our top priority, because we value you!

    Risk Management Safety & Departmental Procedures

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