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Mrs. Sametrian Miller


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 In True North, authors Bill George and Peter Sims contend that your life story defines your leadership. A significant piece of my life story (the product of a public education within a low socioeconomic environment) fuels my determination to give back to public education what I received – quality and equity in teaching and learning.

My experiences as a graduate of an urban public school system (Richmond City Public Schools) serve as the catalyst of my inspiration and passion for ensuring the provision of effective teaching and learning – through effective leadership within public education. My post-secondary educational experiences include study at Saint Paul’s College, Virginia State University, as well as service-learning abroad at Whitelands College in England. As a life-longer learner, I am pursuing a Doctorate of Education from Walden University in Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning.

As an administrator, I work diligently to assist the principal in creating an achievement and self-actualizing school culture that promotes high performance in teaching and learning – while developing the whole child. My interpersonal traits are flexible, ranging from bold and technical to sympathetic. The development of these characteristics permeated from a combination of life and educational experiences. My bold and technical traits characterize me as confident, decisive, organized, driven, disciplined, persistent, efficient and diligent. My sympathetic traits characterize me as friendly, patient, easy to get along with, loyal, enthusiastic, supportive and dependable. These interpersonal traits not only describe who I am as a person, they are also essential in shaping the type of instructional leader I am. My leadership embodies the successful integration of interpersonal traits and effective use of knowledge, organization and planning.

All that I do within the realm of education centers around my passion for ensuring all children have access to the opportunities a high quality education can provide. However, as a life-long learner, I believe there is always room for personal growth and improvement. It is my desire to be the best person I can be – contributing to the greater good of society.