About Fairfield

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    Fairfield Court Elementary School

    The mission of Fairfield Court Elementary School, “a uniquely diverse Community of Caring School,” is to promote students to soar to new heights with limitless possibilities, embracing the complexities of the global society by aggressively striving for higher achievement and becoming successful, productive citizens through engaging learning experiences led by highly dedicated educators in collaboration with families and partners.


    Our vision at Fairfield Court Elementary is to create an environment in which the focus is student learning and achievement in a creative, diverse, positive, and supportive setting.

    As a family of learners, Fairfield staff, parents and students, and the community will work cooperatively to prepare our students so they will have every opportunity to succeed according to their individual needs.


    I am SOMEBODY. I was SOMEBODY when I came. I'll be a better SOMEBODY when I leave. I am POWERFUL, and I am STRONG. I DESERVE the education that I get here. I have things to do, people to impress, and places to go.