About Fox

  • Location

    William Fox Elementary School is located at 2300 Hanover Avenue in the heart of the city’s historic Fan District.  The side streets are Strawberry Street and Stafford Avenue.  The playground backs up to Stuart Avenue.  Fox is a few blocks east of The Boulevard and within walking distance of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Virginia Historical Society.  It is in close proximity to Broad Street, and students can walk to the Science Museum of Virginia and the Children’s Museum.  It is also a short drive to Maymont Park to the south, and to Virginia Commonwealth University to the east.

    The Staff

    William Fox Model Elementary School is proud to have a faculty and staff that is recognized for its expertise, friendliness, compassion and innovative approaches.  Several teachers have been recognized as R.E.B. award winners, three teachers have received National Board Certification, and Fox teachers were selected as Teachers of the Year for Richmond Public Schools and/or top 10 finalists for the last eleven years!

    For the 2019-2020 school year, the full-time staff consists of 4 Kindergarten, 4 First grade, 4 Second grade, 4 Third grade, 4 Fourth grade, 4 Fifth grade, and 6 Special Education teachers.  In addition, there is the Principal, Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor, Library/Media Specialist, Art Teacher, Music Teacher, Physical Education Teacher,  2 part-time Spanish teachers, 1 nurse, 3 custodians, a cafeteria manager and 3 cafeteria workers, 2 Kindergarten Assistants,  2 instructional assistants (in Special Education), 1 office professional, and 1 attendance worker.  Our itinerant staff consists of a school psychologist, social worker, a speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, 2 SPACE teachers, orchestra instructor, band instructor, harp instructor, ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher), Part-Time Literacy Coach, Part-Time Math Interventionist, and an ESL teacher.  In addition, the PTA has funded a Language Arts Tutor, who works with students in K-2nd grades, and a coordinator for the Howard Street Tutoring Program.


    Student Population

    Our approximately 440 students come from a variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, providing a beautiful diversity that we consider to be one of our main strengths.  We feel that children need to experience the joy of participating in an environment that represents the “real world.”  We know that children from varying backgrounds learn much from each other. 

    African-American                               18%                               

    White                                               61%            

    Hispanic                                             9%

    Asian                                                 2%

    Multi-ethnic                                       10%


    Pupil:  Student/Teacher Ratios  for the 2019-2020 School Year(average)                                          

                    K             (4 classes)                            20:1 teacher        

                    1              (3 classes)                           17:1

                    2              (4 classes)                           20:1                       

                    3              (4 classes)                           18:1                       

                    4              (4 classes)                           19:1                       

                    5              (3 classes)                           16:1          


    Academic Achievement

    We are proud to be one of the schools in Virginia to have passed the strenuous Standards of Learning assessments.  We are fully accredited by the Virginia State Department of Education.  Percentages of students passing the benchmark on the SOLs for the 2018-2019 school year were:

    Grade 3

              Reading                                    74%

              Mathematics                             81%


    Grade 4

              Reading                                    85%

              Math                                        84%

              Virginia Studies                        85%

    Grade 5

              Reading                                    89%

              Mathematics                             95%

              Science                                    91%


    There is always room for improvement and we are working to improve in all areas.  At the same time, we try to continue our focus upon creative and innovative approaches to teaching and learning, while not losing sight of the importance of the arts, physical education, and enrichment activities.


    Parental Involvement

    We invite and warmly welcome parents to become full participants in the school’s programs and in the education of their children.  PTA meetings are well attended.  You will see many parents working in classrooms, tutoring children in the halls, going on field trips, or working on fundraisers.  The PTA is very active and has a budget of around $100,000 which it raises each year to support the school.  We are truly grateful for the support we receive from our parents and community.


    Spanish Immersion

    We are excited to be hosting the only Spanish Immersion program in the city.  Every day we have one First grade class and one Second grade class that receive their Math and Science instruction IN SPANISH!  In addition to these first and second-grade students receiving instruction in Spanish every day, all other classrooms receive instruction in Spanish for 30-40 minutes once per week.