About Fox

  • Location

    Fox School is located at 2300 Hanover Avenue in the heart of the city’s historic Fan District.  The side streets are Strawberry Street and Stafford Avenue.  The playground backs up to Stuart Avenue.  Fox is a few blocks east of The Boulevard and within walking distance of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Virginia Historical Society.  It is in close proximity to Broad Street, and students can walk to the Science Museum of Virginia and the Children’s Museum.  It is also a short drive to Maymont Park to the south, and to Virginia Commonwealth University to the east.


    The Staff

    William Fox Model Elementary School is proud to have a faculty and staff that is recognized for its expertise, friendliness, compassion and innovative approaches.  Several teachers have been recognized as R.E.B. award winners, three teachers have received National Board Certification, and Fox teachers were selected as Teachers of the Year for Richmond Public Schools and/or top 10 finalists for the last ten years!

    For the 2017-2018 school year, the full-time staff consists of 3 Kindergarten, 4 First grade, 4 Second grade, 4 Third grade, 4 Fourth grade, 3 Fifth grade, and 5 Special Education teachers.  In addition, there is the Principal, Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor, Library/Media Specialist, Art Teacher, Music Teacher, Physical Education Teacher,  1 part-time Spanish teacher, 1 nurse, 3 custodians, a cafeteria manager and 3 cafeteria workers, 1 Kindergarten Assistant,  2 instructional assistants (in Special Education), 1 office professional, and 1 attendance worker.  Our itinerant staff consists of a school psychologist, social worker, a speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, 2 SPACE teachers, orchestra instructor, band instructor, harp instructor, ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher), Literacy Coach and an ESL teacher.  In addition, the PTA has funded a Language Arts Tutor, who works with students in K-2nd grades, and a coordinator for the Howard Street tutoring Program.