About Ginter Park

  • Ginter Park Elementary School is a premier learning community of leadership. Our goal is to prepare students for college and the work force by providing them the highly engaging and purposeful learning experiences on a continuum. Coupled with that, we believe in a value added curriculum, where in all children are encouraged to fulfill their dreams through such key acts as determination, integrity, confidence, and compassion. Ultimately, students will learn how to cope with the challenges of life while striving to become better citizens. 

    The instructional staff of this school is central to its productivity, and the quality of performance is the major factor influencing the teaching-learning process for the students of GPES. We understand the importance of collaborating across grade levels to provide the best for all students. 


    1. To ensure adequate and reasonable protection against potentially harmful situations or events; such as unauthorized persons, natural disaster, structural damage, and criminal activity in the immediate area. 

    2. To instruct students in appropriate action in case of fire or other emergencies and avoiding dangerous situations.

    3. To have an open communication between the community, parents, and the school in order to promote a safe and secure environment. 


    Mission Statement

    Our mission at Ginter Park Elementary School is to provide a safe, positive and disciplined environment where learning is our highest priority.  We believe that an environment with a diversity of talents, abilities, cultures, and backgrounds prepares students for success in an ever increasing technological and global society.

    Vision Statement

    Ginter Park Elementary School’s parents, educators, business and community partners work together with respect and understanding.  This will enable each student to develop the necessary skills for success in school as they prepare for life-long learning while making a significant contribution to society.