About Holton

  • Vision

    Our vision at Linwood Holton Elementary School is to reflect a positive and comfortable atmosphere while providing opportunities for continual growth as we embrace and 
    celebrate our diversity. Teachers, students, parents, and community will be one entity, working together to foster a community of learning. All students will attain success and will be taught in a literate environment according to their individual needs and learn
    ing styles.


    Our mission at Linwood Holton Elementary School is to promote student success through a positive atmosphere and active collaboration.


    Linwood Holton has achieved many outstanding accomplishments during the past two years. We will continue this fine tradition and continue to build a strong school that reflects the high educational standards of our community. Our focus is on improved achievement.



    1. To Improve Academic Performance
    2. To Maintain Safe and Secure Schools
    3. To Maintain a Strong and Accountable Fiscal Environment
    4. To Maintain Attractive and Clean Schools
    5. To Enhance the Image of Richmond Schools and to Engage the Community Vision