About Swansboro

  • Swansboro Elementary School is located in south Richmond in the Swansboro community. The school was constructed in the early 1900's when it opened as Franklin Elementary School. In the early 1980's, the school housed The Franklin Military Academy. In 1986 this community petitioned the Richmond PublicSwansboro Elementary School  Schools to remodel the building. The school was refurbished, reopened, and renamed Swansboro Elementary School after the community in which it resides. Classes began in the beautiful, historic school on September 1986 and continue today serving Kindergarten through Fifth grade students.


    Swansboro's Daily Affirmation

    Love, peace, happiness for everyone. (Repeat 2 x). The only time I will look down on another person is when I help them up. No drugs in my life. No alcohol in my life. No cigarettes in my life. No guns in my life. Respect for my myself, respect for my parents, respect for my teachers, respect for my friends, respect for my elders. No body can do everything but everybody can do something. I will not use violence to solve my problems. I will use my heart and I will use my words to work things out. Here at Swansboro we Dress for Success! We wear our uniforms to look our best! Love, peace, happiness for everyone. (repeat 2 x)


    Mission & Vision

    At Swansboro Elementary School, we are committed to developing intelligent and dedicated students who pursue opportunities to learn and persevere so that they may become productive, involved and well-rounded citizens.

    Our vision is to create and maintain a safe, clean and nurturing environment for students, parents, staff and the community. Through partnerships, we strive to ensure students are academically, socially and emotionally prepared to advance to the next phase of their educational journey.