About Westover Hills

  • Westover Hills School opened its doors in September 1955, with approximately 255 students enrolled in Junior Primary through grade four.  The first principal was Miss Mary Goodwin. The school was very small, with only eight classrooms.  Westover Hills School was an annex to Patrick Henry School at that time.  Upon completion of the fourth grade, students would attend Patrick Henry for the fifth and six grades.  Mr. Malcolm Pitt served as principal of both schools following Miss Goodwill’s retirement. In September 1960. Westover Hills Building Photo  Westover Hills School became a separate school with Mrs. Elizabeth A. Crouch as principal.  An addition to the building was completed which added 14 classrooms, a library, a gymtorium, a teacher’s lounge, additional rest rooms, and a new and larger kitchen and cafeteria area.  Grades five through seven were added at this time and approximately 675 students were enrolled.  In 1970, the school once more housed only elementary age children in kindergarten through grade five.  In 1971, Westover Hills became a middle school and Mr. A. Brown assumed the principalship. In August 1979, Westover again housed an elementary school of grades kindergarten through five with Mr. Thomas W. Nance as its Principal.  Extensive renovation and additions to the building, completed in 1984, have resulted in the creation of three small group instructional areas used for Chapter I classes and speech therapy classes, the addition of the multi-purpose room, storytelling center in the library and a main office suite.  During this renovation process, the courtyard was developed into an Outdoor Learning Center.  August 2001, air conditioning units donated by the Westover Hills PTA, were installed in the cafeteria.





    Mrs. Lillian Green, 1981 - 1993
    Mrs. Frances W. McClenney, 1993 - 1997
    Dr. Darlene L. Currie, 1997 - 2001
    Mrs. Jacqueline L. Roberts, 2001 - 2006
    Mrs. Sarah Pitts, 2006 - 2011
    Dr. Virginia F. Loving, 2011 - 2018
    Ms. Alison El Koubi, 2018 - Present