About Boushall

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    The faculty and staff of Boushall Middle School aspire to facilitate an inclusive learning environment, which develops globally competitive and responsible citizens through 21st century engaging instruction.


    The staff at Boushall Middle School is dedicated to providing all students with a rigorous education in a safe and nurturing environment that will ultimately produce life long learners who are able to compete in a global economy.


    The educational programs of Boushall Middle School supports the Standards of Quality and Objectives for Public School in Virginia, and endeavors to advance and enhance the intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of pupils, as they become responsible, contributing and independent members of society.

    The goals of Boushall Middle School are pupil-oriented and shall provide for pupil's opportunities to realize their potential and develop their total personalities. The program and organization shall be flexible to allow for the uniqueness of the early adolescent, thus providing for a successful transition from the elementary school experience to the more specialized program of the high school. Therefore, the program and organization shall be relevant to the individual pupil's needs.

    The teacher is one of the school's most valued resources. Therefore, teachers shall at all times endeavor to provide challenges as well as meaningful assistance to every learner. Teachers shall keep abreast of discernible trends in instructional methods; demonstrate genuine concern for and understanding of the middle school pupil. Teachers shall also have the opportunity to contribute to the planning of the total program of the school.

    Finally, Boushall Middle School shall assert itself as an integral part of the community. It shall draw upon the community's resources in achieving its objectives and, in turn, shall contribute to the improvement of the community.