About the Media Center

  • Welcome to the Henry Marsh, III Wing

    Henry L. Marsh, III, former Mayor of Richmond, graduated from this famous school. This wing was added in August 1980. (See our history homepage for more details). Our school is located in the historic area of Church Hill not far from where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech. Our school, K - 5 with a population of about 400, a teaching staff of about 25, and an excellent instructional staff, have a weekly time schedule of forty-five minutes to exchange books and for library skills. The library also has open times allowing the students to come individually or in small groups for check out, research, computer time pre-planned projects or just to read and relax. Our library is the state of the art facility. It houses about 4,000 volumes of books, with about 100 non-book materials.

    We have a fully automated catalogue and circulation as of 1998, using Athena software on the Novell Server.
    Fourteen computers provide students with access to the internet (classrooms are equipped as well), and a wide selection of educational CD programs, including encyclopedias. Students in third through fifth grades can take advantage of this system to use the automated card catalog and are able to search for their own information.

    We see the Media Center as a Media/Technology Center. We learn and acquire information as well as access and use it. The media specialist, teachers, and staff encourage new ideas and training that will enable us to grow in the technology world and help our students achieve this goal.