About the Media Center

  • We are Focused on Learning! &  Reading is Our SUPERPOWER! 

    This year we are placing special emphasis on:

    1.  Reading & Literacy

    2.  Online Digital Citizenship

    3.  Research Skills

    4. Technology Literacy

    5.  Coding Skills & STEM thru Makerspace, Reading, Science & Technology Materials       (beginning - 2nd Quarter)


    Students are required to select a Science & Technology related book each time they check out to encourage SOL Standards across the curriculum, supporting Science Inquiry & STEM/STREAM Exposure & Scientific Investigation.  Students are encouraged to choose additional Fiction & Non-Fiction selections.

    Students are encouraged to Challenge their Reading Levels to stretch their skill level, broadening Vocabulary Development.

    Flocabulary & Brainpop/Brainpop Jr. (online resources/RPS subscriptions) are heavily utilized to provide Vocabulary Development supporting varied learning styles.

    Minimum checkout numbers have been relaxed so that Students have a broader, personal interest, student-driven, rigorous literary experience.

    Themed, grade-level appropriate, Reading Areas have been designed to provide "Comfortable Spaces" for pleasure reading to encourage the love of reading.

    Reading Buddies have been instituted for hesitant readers, students who need hand-held manipulatives for focus, and general comfort, to facilitate personal reading.

    Seasonal Themes such as "READING with HERMAN" (Herman the Monster) have been developed for FUN READING Experiences.


    WE ARE GOLD LICENSED!!!  I was awarded a "Gold License" from NEARPOD which is an excellent educational tool for Lessons in Digital Citizenship, Technofluency, Research Skills & Many Library Reference Skills & Instruction. (Our GOLD LICENSE gives us FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL LESSONS & SUPPORT for A Year!)

    Brainpop & Flocabulary offerings are utilized


    TRAILS Assessment is utilized for Technofluency knowledge & applicable Instruction.  (Pre & Post Assessments) Instruction is planned based on assessment results.

    All students are given Hands-On foundational instruction (based on their level).


    Coding Club - "CODEUP" - Anywhere & Everywhere ( STEM/STREAM exposure).


    Technology skills instruction is offered in our mini-computer lab.  Students are required to utilize their skills to perform research projects, personal search & inquiry as well as preparing presentations.