About the Media Center

  • reading lion Mission Statement:

    The Elizabeth D. Redd Elementary School Media Center provides a welcoming, stimulating, information literacy environment that strives to create lifelong learners who are effective and creative users of information in classrooms and the community as well.

    Vision Statement:

    Educating and introducing users to a wealth of resources in diverse formats to prepare students for lifelong reading.


    Reading is Essential for Lifelong Success

    Elizabeth Redd Library serves all students in Grades K-5. Students come to the library on a  weekly schedule. Classes last for 45 minutes. Please ask your child or your child's teacher what day they come to the library. Since the library serves all students, I try to provide a variety of activities that will provide mental stimulation as well as creative stimulation.  I operate on a modified "makerspace"  theory. Students are encouraged to read, to write, to draw, to create with blocks, to use the computers and especially to check out books. We have been involved in "Hour of Code" for the third year and several of our students have really gotten excited about coding!



    Today's stories! 


    We love to code and it shows!

    Coding fun

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    Library Schedule Monday - Friday:

    9:15-10:00- 5th grade

    10:05-10:50- 4th grade

    11:05-11:50- 3rd Grade

    12:35-1:20- 2nd Grade

    1:30-2:15- Kindergarten

    2:25-3:10- 1st Grade


    Students in third grade take  an online assessment called TRAILS ( Tool for Real-time Assessment of Literacy Skills). This helps me determine what skills we need to work on in the library and helps to prepare them for their 3rd grade Reading SOL. I also ask a question of the week which comes directly from one of the assessments to all students in grades 2-5.

    Students in third grade will take their pre-assessment TRAILS during September on one of their library visits. It will probably occur during the 3rd week of school.

    Students will take their post-assessments in late February or early March. 

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