About the Media Center

  • The Huguenot High School Media Center's mission is to assist teachers and students and enhance the learning experience for students both in and out of the classroom.

    The Library / Media Specialists offer opportunities for classes to come to the Media Center and learn about the Dewey Decimal System and find books for research or by interest.  Other topics that can be discussed are: citation, plagerism, research projects & much more!

    Classes may also come in to check out books for class reading requirements or free reading.  The LMS's can also come to the regular classroom to present topics previously discussed and planned in conjunction with the classroom teacher.

    Students are always welcome in the Media Center as long as they have a valid pass from their classroom teacher (this includes during lunch).

    Please see the friendly LMS folks if you have questions or would like to reserve time for a class in the Media Center.



    *****At times the Media Center is closed or unavailable due to testing or other meetings - contact the LMS's for scheduling!