School Partnerships

  • We are fortunate to have had a long-term relationship with Jam Inc.   In 2001, friends and music lovers Doug Richards and Wally Thulin sat down with an idea that they had been working with for a while. According to Thulin, the original plan was to work together to enhance the traditional music scene in Richmond, not only in the schools but also in the community. What Richards and Thulin did not anticipate was that others would quickly join their mission, and their grassroots idea would gain momentum and grow into what is now known as JAMinc. Over the past 15 Plus years, JAMinc has operated as a successful, nonprofit organization that promotes music education and appreciation in local schools through the support of nationally and internationally recognized folk, bluegrass, gospel, jazz, and blues musicians. JAMinc’s mission is simple, but powerful—to open minds, hearts and ears to music deserving a wider audience through education, performance, and support.


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