School Counseling Overview

  • The School Counseling department is staffed by three Professional School Counselors, Carolyn Woodson, Ja'Carla Hines and Diane Lee. 

     Mrs. Lee serves as the counselor for 6th grade students.

    Ms. Woodson serves as the counselor for 7th grade students

    Mrs. Hines serves as the counselor for 8th grade students.

    Ms. Smith works with the school counseling team to prepare and process student schedules, register new students and manage student records.

    It is truly a team effort in our River City Middle School Counseling Department! We are excited to touch the lives of the students through academic and career planning, as well as social and emotional development through a comprehensive guidance and counseling program. Feel free to contact us!

    To expedite the process, we encourage parents of new students to make an appointment with Ms. Cherrie Smith, Registrar, to register new students at River City Middle School by calling 804.762.1298.

    Registration Hours for new students are:

    by appointment only