School Counseling Overview

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    The mission of School Counseling at Thomas Jefferson High School is to provide high quality,
    comprehensive school counseling services to all students. Our programs are designed to help all
    students develop and enhance their academic, social, career and personal strengths in order to become
    responsible and productive citizens. There is a commitment to each student’s unique identity and the
    maximum development of human potential.


    The Thomas Jefferson School Counseling Department seeks to empower all students to
    reach their maximum potential by encouraging personal inquiry and growth, social
    responsibility, and academic excellence.


    The School Counselors of Thomas Jefferson believe:

    1. All students can achieve at high levels
    2. Every student is valuable and is treated with dignity and respect
    3. All students will have access to high quality school counseling services, provided by a full time, licensed, professional school counselor.
    4. All students’ ethnic, cultural, racial differences are considered in the design and delivery of school counseling services.
    5. All students can expect that school is a safe and nurturing environment.


    Focus Areas

    High school years encourage continued awareness and exploration activities, learning is focused on skill development and planning activities, and learning is focused on:

    • Transition to Post-Secondary Education
    • Improving Academic self-efficacy
    • Respecting self and others
    • Relating school to life


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    Willie Dupree, School Counseling Department Head:; ALL IB Students
    Rahmah Johnson, School Counselor:; Students A-J
    Redell Thomas, School Counselor: Students K-Z