About the Virginia Preschool Initiative

  • The Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) prepares children for kindergarten and makes sure they have the basic requirements to get off to a good start.

    VPI understands that foundational learning is established in the early years; the program was developed to support and guide four year olds through specific active learning experiences.

    Our children will be encouraged to think and learn in ways that are fun and exciting, including our home learning activities, field trips and much more. As your child’s abilities grow, so will the activities change to teach new ideas and skills.

    Preschool is extremely important for all children to start kindergarten with the social and emotional skills needed to succeed.

    During preschool, children from non-English speaking families also learn to speak English, allowing them to start kindergarten with the same advantages as the rest of the students.

    VPI is a free, full-time program that includes breakfast and lunch for all students.

Message from the Manager

  • It is our pleasure to welcome you to the 2017-18 school year.  Our mission in the Virginia Preschool Initiative Program is to provide a high quality comprehensive child development program for our children and families.  Let us remember that every child in Virginia Preschool Initiative Program can learn and every child in Virginia Preschool Initiative Program will start school ready to learn.

    Always remember that you are a part of the Virginia Preschool Initiative team, not just a part of the group; we need to support each other in helping to make positive things happen for children and children.

    Thanks for your  commitment to be the very best person you can to your children, their  parents, the Virginia Preschool Initiative family and your community.

    Our best wishes to each member our Virginia Preschool Initiative Program for a successful and personally satisfying year— may this  be your best year ever!  

    Ron Robertson, Program Manager

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