General Information

  •                      2018 School Board

    Front row – Left to right: Elizabeth Doerr – 1st District, Dawn Page - 8th District, Dr. Patrick Sapini - 5th District, Kenya Gibson - 3rd District. Back row – left to right:  Felicia Cosby - 6th District, James “Scott” Barlow - 2nd District,  Cheryl Burke, Vice Chair - 7th District, Linda Owen, Chair - 9th District, Jonathan Young - 4th District

    The School Board is Richmond's local governing educational body and is composed of one Board representative from each of the nine districts. Board members are elected by the citizens to a four-year term of office. The Chairman, Vice Chairman and other officers are elected by the other members of the School Board.

    Time and Place of Meetings

    The School Board meets on the first and third Monday of each month beginning at 6:00 p.m. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the School Board is meeting virtually and their meetings are livestreamed on the RPS Facebook page. For in-person meetings, the School Board meets in the School Board Room on the 17th floor of City Hall located at 301 North Ninth Street, unless otherwise noted (in-person meetings are also livestreamed to the RPS Facebook page). If the Monday of the School Board meeting is a holiday, the meeting will be held on Tuesday.

    View the meeting schedule.

    School Board Mission Statement

    Richmond Public Schools will prepare our students to become successful, contributing members of society through innovative and compassionate learning communities.

    BoardDocs (Notices, Agenda, Videos, & Minutes)

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    Video recordings of all School Board meetings are immediately available following meetings on the RPS Facebook Video Archive. Videos are also available in BoardDocs and on our YouTube channel once processed.

    Visit the RPS BoardDocs site to view agendas, notes and minutes of board meetings.