Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students

    How do I request a transcript?

    A request in writing should be sent to the Records Technician. The Office Records Department may be reached at 804.780.7812.

    How do I know if school is closed for inclement weather?

    Stay tuned to your local Richmond News Channels. Information about school closings may also be found on the RPS District website.

    What after-school activities are available?
    Go to the RPS home page for the RPS calendar of events. To see clubs, sports and activities offered at your child's school, click the Schools tab in the top navigation bar and select the specific school website.
    Can a student change classes?
    Student scheduling is a complex process. Students are scheduled for courses that will allow them to meet graduation requirements as determined by the Virginia Department of Education. Schedule changes are highly discouraged and often not possible.


    How do I register a student for school?

    Go to the front office of the zoned school. Bring Proof of Residency (e.g. utility bill or lease), student’s Birth Certificate, Immunization Record, and Transfer Request if coming from a different school.

    How do I know which school my address is zoned for my child?

    Use the School Locator and fill in your address.

    What immunization is required for attending school?
    Students must have:
    • MMR – at least 1 dose, 2 doses after 4 years old
    • Diphtheria - 3 doses including 1 after 4th birthday
    • Polio - 3 doses including 1 after 4th birthday
    • Hepatitis B – 3 doses
    • Vesalius – at least 1 dose
    • TDAP - 1 dose before entering 6th grade

    What is Open Enrollment?

    The period of time when parents can request permission for a child to go to a school other than their zoned school.

    How do I participate and enroll my child in Open Enrollment process?

    Open Enrollment application process is conducted during the early part of February. The Open Enrollment is conducted via a lottery application process. For more information, visit the Office of Pupil Personnel Services.

    How much is tuition, if attending RPS as an out of district student (this means you do not live within the Richmond Public School district)?
    How do I know where the bus stop is for my address?

    Check the RPS Bus Routes information.
    How do I know what time the bus will pick up or drop off?

    Use RPS Bus Routes information for pick up and drop off
    How do I view my child’s breakfast or lunch menu?

    Go to the Department of School Nutrition Services website to view our menus.

    How much does breakfast and lunch cost?

    Along with seeing the weekly menus, information regarding cost of lunch is posted on the School Nutritional Services site under Menu Pricing and Free or Reduced Menu Pricing. To determine eligibility for free or reduced cost meals, complete an application available from the school front office or the school cafeteria manager.

    How do I monitor and pay for my child’s lunch account?

    The cafeteria manager of the school can provide a balance of your child's account. You can send a check or money by your child or personally put money on the child's account at the school front office or in the cafeteria. At your request, the cafeteria manager can also print a history what your child has purchased.

    What Advance Ed. Programs are offered for above average students?
    • All elementary and middle schools offer Space (Gifted and Talented) classes.
    • All high schools offer Advanced Placement, Honors, and Dual Enrollment courses.
    • Richmond Community, Open High, Maggie Walker and Appomattox Governor’s Schools.
    • The International Baccalaureate Program is offered at Brown Middle School and Jefferson High School.
    • Eighth grade students may apply for acceptance to Richmond Community for high school by contacting the school at 804.285.1015.
    • Eighth grade students may apply for acceptance to Open High for high school by contacting the school at 804.780-4661.
    • Eighth grade students interested in attending Maggie Walker or Appomattox Governor’s Schools for high school may call Rodney Fout at 804.780.7805.

    Does Richmond Public Schools offer military programs for students?

    Yes, all high schools have ROTC programs.

    Fifth grade students may apply for acceptance to Franklin Leadership Academy for middle school by seeing the counselor at their current RPS elementary school or contacting Franklin Military at 804.780-8526.

    Eighth grade students may apply for acceptance to Franklin Military Academy for high school by seeing the counselor at their current RPS middle school or contacting Franklin Military at 804.780-8526.

    What is Richmond Public Schools Report Card Schedule?
    Report Cards are printed quarterly, every nine weeks. Interim Progress Reports are printed twice a year, at the end of the first two and a half weeks of first and second semester.
    How do I know what grade my child is in?
    Grade level is determined by the number of credits a student has earned. Grade level appears on all report cards and schedules. Students will be given a copy of their transcript showing their current earned credits during the school year and in the spring will discuss courses for the next year with their counselor. The information discussed will be sent home with each student.
    What should be done when a student is absent?
    Parents/Guardians should call the school the day of the absence and must send a note with their student to school the next day after an absence explaining the nature of the absence. Students must take their note directly to the Attendance Office and get a tardy pass from the Attendance Worker before going to class. Students without a tardy pass are not allowed to enter the classroom.
    I've moved; do I need to do anything?
    YES! In order for us to stay in contact with you, for you to receive important mailings such as report cards, or for your child to continue to receive bus transportation, we must have your current address on file. Richmond Public Schools requires that any student with a new address provide proof of residency. This includes the deed or lease to your home in the parent/guardian's name. Utility bills are acceptable as primary proof of residency.
    How does the school communicate with home?

    We try to communicate with students and parents frequently, both to share good news and to resolve problems. Richmond Public School utilizes the ParentLink phone system in addition to direct calls to relay important information regarding report cards, upcoming SOL testing, student absences, and major events.

    The ParentLink phone system notifies parents about emergencies, absences and parental involvement opportunities. The system allows schools and the school division to call and e-mail thousands of parents within minutes to alert them about important school-related information. Please listen to each message carefully. In order for this system to work effectively RPS must have updated contact information for parents.

    Additionally, important information will be available on our district home page.


    How do I apply for a job with Richmond Public Schools?

    Open positions for employment are listed within the Department of Human Resources. Apply for the position online utilizing the RPS Career Opportunities page.

    What are the qualifications to become a substitute teacher?

    Substitute/Temporary Applicant Requirements

    1. Substitute Teacher and Instructional Assistant applicants are required to have a minimum of 60 semester hours from an accredited institution.  (Official transcripts should reflect a minimum of a 2.5 average)  The ParaPro Assessment (score of 455) will be accepted in lieu of 60 semester hours to become an Instructional Assistant.
    2. All applicants must include email addresses of professional references on the applicant reference form and/or upload letter of references. 
    3. A criminal background investigation, tuberculosis and drug/alcohol testing will be conducted as a condition of employment. 

    Selected candidates will not begin work until all required documents have been submitted and all pre employment screening has been successfully completed.

    Who do I call to verify employment?
    The Department of Human Resources can verify past and present employment with Richmond Public Schools - 804.780.7812
    How do I contact RPS Administrators?
    Please use the HR Staff Directory to locate the appropriate Department or individual for questions and services you are seeking.
    How can I find out how RPS compares with other Virginia Public Schools?
    Visit the Virginia Department of Education for the Districts Report Card.

    Who do I contact if I have a problem with my paycheck?
    Contact Tawana Montague 804-780-7837 or Sonya Howell 804-780-8366
    Who do I contact if I have a question about employee benefits?
    Contact the Richmond Public Schools Benefits and Risk Management Department at 804.819.4400.
    How do I enroll or discontinue enrollment in Richmond Public Schools’ 403(b) retirement plan?
    There are 3 ways you can start
    1. You can call Lincoln Financial Group, 800-234-3500, all you will need is your Social Security number and a customer service agent will help you get started  
    2. You can enroll online at  Go to register now, on the next page, got to retirement accounts, enter your Date of Birth, and Social Security number then follow the prompts.  Create a User ID and Password, hit next, create a security question.  Please be sure to write down what you entered.  Then go to the drop down box and look for contributions.  Remember, only percentages for deferrals are accepted.  
    3. Call our Retirement Consultant with Lincoln Financial Group – John A. Kuchta at 800-234-3500 or email him at