Arts Integration Through Turnaround Arts

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    The Kennedy Center's perspective on Arts Integration is both nationally and internationally known and respected.  The mission and vision of our arts integration model is deeply connected and supported by the work of the Kennedy Center.  Please visit the Kennedy Center's website for more information.

    Locally, we are significantly supported by the University of Richmond's School of Professional and Continuing Studies which houses the Partners in the Arts program.  Their mission is to, "train educators to integrate the arts into their preK-12 curriculum, and provide support to implement school-based projects created in our courses, workshops and professional development sessions." Please visit the Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies website for more information.

    In addition to the powerful and transformative training offered by Partners in the Arts during their summer institute, schools also receive awards to continue their work during the upcoming school year.  Please visit Engaging Creative Thinkers website to learn more information about our awards.