Special Programs At Albert Hill

  • In addition to standard middle school core curriculum which includes: English, Mathematics, U.S. History I and II (6th and 7th grades), Civics and Economics (8th grade), and Science, Albert Hill also offers students the opportunity to take classes for high school credit. They include:

    • Art I: This is a course designed as a foundation class in Visual Art for high school students. Emphasis is on acquiring basic drawing and painting, as well as the development of technical skills in a variety of media. The course explores historical and contemporary art expressions across culture and ethnic groups. This is a foundation course for students who desire to continue the study of art.
    • Key Boarding Applications: Students develop and enhance touch skills for entering alphabetic, numeric and symbol information on a keyboard. Students compose and produce a variety of personal, business, and professional documents.
    • Earth Science: Earth Science is a laboratory-based, course that provides students with an opportunity to explore the various physical phenomena that affect the earth. This course, which includes research design concepts, helps students become more aware of their surroundings through the study of astronomy, space science, meteorology, oceanography, physical geology, and environmental resources. Students will develop a research project for entry into the Metro Richmond STEM Fair and RPS STEM Fair Required: Earth Science SOL Test
    • Algebra I: Activities used to develop thought processes allows for algebra topics to be integrated with other disciplines while developing a stronger background in mathematics and critical thinking. Focused topics include variables and expressions; solving equations and inequalities; linear, quadratic and exponential functions; graphing and writing linear equations; systems of equations and inequalities; polynomials; factoring; statistics; and rational expressions. Required: Algebra I SOL Test
    • Geometry: This course emphasizes coordinates, transformational geometry and measurement, theorems, and formal definitions of geometric terms. Students will work with proofs requiring applications of logic. Students will also solve numerical and algebraic problems which apply geometric concepts. Calculators, computers and graphing utilities will be used. Prerequisite: Successful completion of previous mathematics course Required: Geometry SOL Test


    For further information, contact Mr. Gustavson, Guidance Counselor, at 780-6107.