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Social Media has become increasingly relevant and powerful in politics today. It is a timely media that reaches users around the world. Many politicians and organizations have utilized social media like Twitter to deliver their message. Social Media posts can be very effective for community organizing in communicating timely information, advocate for issues, and call for action like fundraising and campaigns.

Using Social Media Effectively

Here are some tips for effective social media posts:

  • Be civil and positive, you are always on the record.
  • Maintain a reasonable amount of posts. Post Regularly, not overtly.
  • Be concise and direct with your information.
  • Post important public notification concisely and timely.
  • Use relevant hashtags for your post, or create your own.
  • Engage in civil and constructive conversations, not feuds.
  • Informal language like abbreviation and emojis are acceptable if used appropriately, but still be professional.
  • Use multimedia materials like video, live streaming, and data visualization to engage with followers.
  • Provide additional context information or call for actions in your post.
  • Try to verify your information and links before you post.

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