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Voting is fundamental to democracy and the simplest way to participate in public affairs. It ensures that the government is a representation of its constituents-chosen by the people, for the people.  An important civil right and civic responsibility that citizens share, the right to vote in free and fair elections has become the hallmark of American democracy.

RPS has partnered with My School Votes to create an RPS Voter Registration portal. Click the link below to register to vote or check your voter registration status!

Enter the RPS Voter Registration Portal

roll of I voted stickers

Get involved now by registering to vote here and encourage people around you to do so. You can register to vote here and check your voter information.

External Resources

The Virginia Department of Elections provides voter registration, candidate information, guidelines, and results for elections in Virginia.

The General Registrar Office of Richmond also has information about upcoming elections in Richmond, including polling places, as well as a list (pdf) of all upcoming elections until 2027.

Para obtener información sobre cómo registrarse para votar en español, visite: